Welcome to Coldgrove Bay. This old town offers the many luxuries, and beautiful settings. It has a mix of Old Time and modern setting.

Seems like a perfect town. Right? Not quite. In 1803, the church burnt down. This church, was a beautiful landmark. To others, it was a creepy tall building with dark secrets. Secrets that brought all these new people to Coldgrove?


Welcome to Coldgrove Aubrey!

Application for Aubrey Gripp: Accepted!

Welcome to Coldgrove Bay, Alex! Please send in your characters account within 24 hours and make sure to follow the after acceptance checklist! (X)

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Anonymous asked:
Most wanted from most wanted?

For the ones I’d personally like to see are; Jake Bowen, Laura Beachwood or Abigail Lancer to complete our Pretty Little Liar family since our Troian Belliasario (June Fairchild), Shay Mitchell (Jordan Pudd) and Sasha Pieterse (Aria Holmes) are taken. Our Mayor Connor Morgan (Chris Pine FC), Emily Bennett (Courtney Cox FC) to complete our Bennett family. Andrew Pudd (Taylor Lautner) for Jordan’s brother to complete our Pudd family. Cameron Thibault (Tyler Hoechilin) to bring in some werewolf drama and Henry Mile (Logan Lerman) for our Claire to bring in some family drama. Rebecca Nolan (Kat Graham FC) and Oliver Clayworth (Tyler Blackburn FC) just to name a few! 


Anonymous asked:
are there anymore new characters coming out today?

We have a few written in our drafts but we’re not releasing those until the species is in balance again. We also have bios that just need graphics and we’ll post them soon but unfortunately, none today. Is there a certain one you’re interested in, I’ll gladly tell you its progress.

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Aiden Strong || 25 || Criminal Profiler || Human || FC: Aaron Tveit || Open

Aiden Strong is a name most every officer knows and every criminal despises. He’s one of the best and very skilled in the area of profiling criminals. Analyzing them and their behavior to gather a profile to catch a criminal quicker. Aiden’s seen some pretty gruesome crimes in his time as a profiler but the crime scenes he witnesses and helps solves only drives him to further pursue the person who committed the felony. Ever since Aiden was young, he was always much smarter than kids his age. He could piece together information to make a solution to a problem years above his mental level. In school, Aiden was placed into advanced classes since he thought the current pace was too slow. In his early teen years, that’s when he decided he wanted to become a profiler. His parents just thought this was a phase and that’d he would eventually, outgrow it but Aiden never did and his dream only turned to passion. He hated the thought people committing these murders and it took a long time for police officials to catch them and place them behind bars. Aiden knew he was smart enough to help the law with that. While his parents predicted that “passion” would soon fizzle out, he proved them wrong by the time college rolled around.

When College came around, Aiden decided to study in law where he soon become a profiler. There, he became a serious, mature young man who was also a gentleman to women. That isn’t saying he’s straight laced, he knows how to balance work and play and manages to do so quite well. He can often profile regular people too if he wanted just by studying them. Most people don’t like that and he tries to separate his work persona of profiling and just being a normal guy. Aiden is completely unaware of the supernatural realm. Ever since he was assigned to Coldgrove Bay, cases haven’t been well, normal. They’ve been inhuman. It’s not the first time he’s came upon cases like looked like an animal attack or a deceased body with puncture wounds through the neck. He wouldn’t ever possibly think that the supernatural would be at fault. After all, they don’t exist, right?

Personality Traits: Incredibly smart, Observant, Outgoing, Friendly, Stern, Stubborn, Dedicated

Relationship Status: Single

Family: N/A

Connections: Luel Arnadil, Freya Hunnington, Adam Bowen, Michael Crescent and Desmond Walsh

The Coldgrove event starts now! Our pairings have been put through a set through link so you can view the pairings again to see if any changes have been made. Let’s not forget everyone, this event is supposed to be a fun event so plots are extremely welcoming during this time, plot with one another because who doesn’t love drama and plotting? And just overall have fun!

Anonymous asked:
When is the gossip blog going to be up and running?

The gossip blog will be up and running when all admins’ have the time to sit down and go through it to make sure it’s how it should be for our vision of its appearance. We’re already planning it’s graphics. We’re just deciding on one thing on that and that’ll be done so we expect it to be very soon. Please be patient with us, it wont be much longer!

Anonymous asked:
whos Nick Dorchesters fc?

His FC will be Brant Daughtery. He is sitting in our drafts and we are still thinking about his story, but he will be written soon. If you are interested in his character, message us so we can hurry up in writing him!


Anonymous asked:
Can I do a FC swap?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean? Are you asking about changing a character’s FC before applying for them? If so, it’s totally possible depending on if they have family members or not. Or did you mean can you make a FC change to a character you’re already playing? If that’s your question, then just ask the admins and we’ll get back to you shortly on if that can happen. If I didn’t answer the correct question, feel free to send another one in!